Friday, November 25, 2011


So, it turns out that if I miss a month, people notice.  I apologize, I wish I had an awesome reason for missing October, but in all honesty I think I just forgot.  All the drinking is catching up with me.  Or I'm just getting old.  And as I look back, I realize that my post for last October was basically "nothing happened," so maybe October's just a bad month for this blog.  In any case, let's let bygones be bygones, shall we?

This will be my second post in a row about television, and if you aren't into the medium I'm afraid you're in for a dismal read.  That being said, I think I know my audience pretty well, most of you are TV geeks just like me and I believe you're all salivating at the thought of more posts about it.  I'll just state up front that I'm currently reeling at the news that my beloved Cougar Town has been left off of ABC's mid-season schedule, fresh on the heels of NBC's announcement that Community was taking a knee come January as well.  It's been a bad week for cult comedies (news of Arrested Development rising from the ashes like a phoenix not-with-standing).  So let's talk about something completely different: NBC's upcoming Smash.

I am the target audience for Smash.  It's true.  It's a show about making a Broadway musical!  As I often performed full productions of Broadway musicals in my bedroom growing up (my Pippin was truly something to behold), this show isn't going to hit my sweet spot; it's going to destroy it.  It's going to follow a team of writers as they attempt to write a musical about Marilyn Monroe, complete with full production numbers each week.  It's a TV show about New York that is actually filmed in New York!  Jack Davenport's in it! Debra Messing's in it!  Anjelica Huston's in it! And it's introducing Katherine McPhee!  *record scratch*

Look, I've got nothing against Katherine McPhee.  Don't know the woman.  Never having been a fan of American Idol, I didn't catch the McPheever when she was on it; I know she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" a lot and that she's real purty, which means she was probably Simon's favorite.  I get that NBC is at the bottom of the ratings barrel, is desperate to come across any hit for their schedule and is probably hoping that there's some draw left in having a former Idol contestant headline their production.  So I will do my best to give Katherine McPhee an honest-to-goodness chance to impress me with her performance.  That being said, I'd like to kick NBC's advertising team in the taco.

They are not "introducing" Katherine McPhee.  She got the job because she was the runner-up on American Idol.  That may not be only reason she got the job, but it's a big one.  Idol generally gets over 20 million viewers per episode and since she survived to the end, she was on every single live show her season as well as a lot of the audition episodes.  I would say it's possible that more people in the target demographic of 18-49 that advertisers love so much know who Katherine McPhee is than know who Anjelica Huston is (I seriously just realized that fact, and it's making me a little sick.  Everyone immediately go watch Addams Family Values or Prizzi's Honor and report back here when you're done).  If NBC really wanted to "introduce" someone to the general public, there's only a couple hundred fantastic Broadway actresses that are completely unknown to America at large.  Katherine McPhee's not one of them.

Again, I hope she takes this opportunity and proves to be excellent in the role so I can be completely lost in a Broadway musical once a week, cause my gay ass loves a good show-tune.  But seriously, NBC?  "Introducing Katherine McPhee?"  Suck my left nut.

**As I was finishing this post, I was notified by that Harvey Weinstein is apparently stirring up rumors that he might mount a Marilyn Monroe musical on Broadway and wants Katy Perry to play Marilyn.  Perhaps there was some memo sent around Hollywood that today was the day to try to give every New York Actor an aneurysm with one news story, because that's really the only excuse for this.  I realize that the chances of this actually happening are basically nil and that Harvey's just trying to drum up business for his Marilyn movie with Michelle Williams, but seriously...I read that and almost burst a blood vessel.  I'm lucky I don't have that bloody eyeball thing going on right now.  Katy Perry headlining a Broadway musical...I think that might make me quit the business.**

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