Thursday, May 29, 2008

Launch Party

Some people have expressed that they think I should have a blog. This is a hard thing for me to come to terms with, mostly as I have been known to go into rants about people who blog largely based on the thesis "Why do these people seem to think that I give a crap about who they are/what they think?" Come to think of it, that's actually a statement on which you could base most of my interactions with people in this world. So wouldn't it be horribly hypocritical of me to then start one? Wouldn't I be putting my opinions out there into the world in the exact same way I have so harshly condemned in the past?

Sure. But the public is clamoring for it, and who am I to deny them what they want? So, this is my blog.

But what exactly IS a blog? Quick, to the rescue!

BLOG (noun)- a weblog.

Well, that isn't helpful.

WEBLOG (noun)- A website that displays in chronological order the postings by one or more individuals and usually has links to comments on specific postings.

A bit more helpful, I suppose. And luckily, I've already included a link in this posting, so I'm one step ahead of the game. Furthermore, this really seems to leave the window open; in order to have a blog, it says is that all I have to do is post entries on a website. One of the people requesting this website sent me a link: (you'll notice that I've included another are probably thinking to yourself "Wow! Fast learner! I bet this guy is really intelligent!" and you would be right. At the rate I'm going with links, this is going to be the most successful blog ever). Off to this blogging hub!

Oh, I need a title. Well, this is the simple part. Victoria (she'll be a regular guest star here I'm sure...get to know the name) and I came up with a blog title back when this was just a sparkle in my eye...David Wright Should Marry Me and Other Stories. Who's David Wright you say? David Wright is the 3rd baseman for the New York Mets, the only sports team I really give a crap about. And he's dreamy. You can see that here. Oh, and here. And just for good measure, here. Quick, let's make sure no one else took the name!

So here it is...the blog that at least 4 people have asked me to start, officially started. What are you going to see on it? Who knows? Definitely a high percentage of snark. Maybe a look at the week in pop culture. I'm sure I will have to vent about the latest idiocy in the world every once in a while. So look forward to it. It's here. It's fresh. It's now.


Zan said...

Not enough snark!

PC said...

Ha! Okay, I promise to amp up the snark next time. Here's something to tide you over... I think I wouldn't piss on Fergie if she was on fire. I mean, is Gwen Stefani so wonderful, that we needed someone to rip her off? And who jelly-rolls in front of a bunch of kids at 7 am? Trash. Fergie does not equal Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Unleash the snark!!!!