Thursday, June 28, 2012

Okay, So I'm Not Being the Bigger Person

I'm a bit short on time this month, so I'll keep this brief: what the hell is up with gay activists inviting rabid anti-gay bigots to dinner?  Dan Savage invited NOM's Brian Brown over to debate the Bible.  Family Equality Council's Jennifer Chrisler invited Family Research Council's (man, what a difference a word in a title makes) Tony Perkins over for dinner in hopes of opening his heart to homosexuals.  And even better, Brown and Perkins accepted.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that dinner party.

Look, I get it.  We're reaching across the aisle.  We're being the bigger people.  We're generally continuing the mantra of "oh, they'll come around if they can see we're just like them!"  And that's a noble goal, one which I personally do not have the patience to even pretend I can achieve.  Frankly, I'd rather eat dirt than have one of those card-carrying ass-hats over to my house for dinner, unless I was serving a forced watching of the last two season of Glee, which is just about the gayest form of torture I can come up with on the fly.  I'd say watch Smash, but that's only 13 episodes and two seasons of Glee pushes 50...and I really, really dislike these people.

These people are not going to change their minds.  Why debate the Bible with someone who clearly is only interested in it as a tool to justify his own bigotry?  Why try to open the heart of someone who has not demonstrated that he even possesses one?  These are not people who are interested in expanding their minds and hearts, they want to expand their influence.  I'm sure it will be entertaining to watch Dan Savage eviscerate Brian Brown on the very topic Brown regularly uses to justify his positions, but it won't accomplish anything other than a lot of views on YouTube.

Rather than reaching across the aisle to them, why not just wait for them to get up and surreptitiously stick out a foot for them to trip on?

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